Mon, May 9, 2016

Hi everybody. I just made a bunch of changes to the metrics 2.0 specification and this this website.

In no particular order:

  • clarify what the spec is primarily about (terminology and metric metadata modeling). Concrete protocol/storage/tsdb/library implementations are secondary. They can be discussed and maintained through this website, and may result in another specification themselves, but they didn’t belong in the data model specification.
  • untangle metrics 2.0 from the graphite ecosystem where it was born out of. Graphite - and its metrics2.0 tooling - is still important, but there’s a lot of other systems we want to work with
  • new markdown format for easier editing
  • the model of a metric identified as nothing but a set of tags is too weird for many. The update acknowledges an extra ‘key’ that is often used in many systems.

IRC channel

Tue, Sep 30, 2014

We now have an irc channel: #metrics2.0 on freenode!

Hello world!

Sun, Jun 1, 2014

Hi, as from now, metrics20.org features a news section, which will be useful to keep you up to date on any noteworthy changes. (also available as rss feed).

Furthermore, I’m trying to make the development of the spec more democratic and transparent. The spec now lives in its own repository in the metrics20 group on github and is tagged as v1.0 which will form the baseline of further work.
Hopefully more people will get involved and we can adopt some kind of democratic model. For now it’s a benevolent dictatorship :) If you have any suggestions about how to manage or improve metrics 2.0, please let them know via the google group or submit a pull request.

Finally, as I got to present metrics2.0 at monitorama this year I added the slides and video to the media page. I believe this presentation is a good introduction to the problems with metrics, the concepts and solutions via metrics 2.0, and also introduces a bunch of practical benefits via Graph-Explorer and some ideas I posed for future work.